Leaving 2018, Welcoming 2019

”The beginning is the most important part of the work.” -Plato

As we welcome the New Year, we tend to make resolutions. Some find that cheesy, I think it’s fun. I wanted to share some of my goals through categories and really break them down.

I have three categories for myself: health, school, and relationships. I feel like there’s always room for improvement even though I am very happy with where I am with all three of these categories.

This is a face mask I got for Christmas that I’m obsessed with! I’ve been using more face masks lately and taking more bathes to really practice stress relief and self-care.


  1. Drink four 24 oz. water bottles full of water. I am the worst at drinking water. It’s been a goal for me for years, but, this time I’m reducing all of my other drinks so I force myself to turn towards water.
  2. Drink more tea. This one goes kind of hand in hand with #1, but I want to drink more tea to detox my body and reap the benefits that certain teas offer.
  3. Gym. GYM. I love the gym, but I find excuses, get stressed, or I’m just always exhausted. I’m making a promise to myself to go to the gym. If I can make a promise to others and keep it, why can’t I keep a promise I make myself? I got that from “Girl, Wash Your Face”, btw.
  4. Listen to more audio books and read more. This will motivate me and also let me dive into a fictional world to escape the stress. I like to listen to audio books while walking or in the gym, they’re motivating and eye-opening.
  5. Meditate even more. I’m not consistent with meditation. Meditation will help reduce my stress because I’m a huge perfectionist and stress big time. It’ll allow me to refocus my energy into the now and what truly matters.
  6. Get my veggies in! I eat some, but not nearly enough vegetables.
  7. Practice stress relief by using my diffuser, take more bathes, and light candles. I say light candles because when things smell good, I feel like I’m in more comfortable space, also, I have a stress relief candle from Bath and Body Works.

Something that you should know is that I’m constantly exhausted. After doing some research, I feel that this may be due to adrenal gland fatigue. I plan on going to get that tested, but the recommendations to help fix the issue is really focusing on my health, so knowing this gave me even more inspiration to try to fight through the exhaustion and live healthier rather than sleep and eat frozen meals because I’m too tired to cook.


  1. My only goal is to finish my homework two days before it is due. I did pretty bad last semester, so it’s time to dedicate myself and stop slacking. My exhaustion had a lot to do with the lack of effort, though.


  1. Spend more quality time with people I care about. I spend time with my boyfriend, but I really want to do more with our time together. I want to go on more dates. As for friends, I want to make more plans with friends and follow through. I hate going out sometimes but, when I do I end up having a ton of fun!

I have one more category of resolutions! It will be labeled as “Other” because it’s everything else I would like to do to better my life, but they didn’t seem to fit into a category.


  1. Keep my plants alive. It’s a fun hobby and plants are pretty and refreshing.
  2. Save money, don’t focus on buying everything you desire. Having money is so much better than having stuff I might wear or use once.
  3. Prioritize lists. Being a perfectionist and having OCD, I tend to obsess over making a list of everything I want to do to try to make my life as perfect as possible. I obsess over the cleanliness of things or the organization of things, but it wears me out and I get tired of worrying about it all, then, I give up. So, I end up with a bit of a mess again. I’m going to use a monthly to-do, a weekly to-do, and a daily to-do, like I used to do. I will prioritize my tasks by what NEEDS to be done, and then what will make me feel good if I get it done.
Plants I bought for the new year!

I can’t wait to begin some of these and continue working on others. I hope to really keep my promises to myself and become a better me for myself and everyone around me.

Tell me some of your resolutions!

Also, happy new years!

Published by Elliana

I feel passionate about every thing I post. Mental health, puppies, the earth, and businesses with morals! I hope to be as real and open as I can be with you. My main goal is to spread positive vibes!

One thought on “Leaving 2018, Welcoming 2019

  1. Those plants look like they are part of the “air cleansing” category! Not only will it make you happy to help them thrive, but it will make you healthier.

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