Reaching for More

I’m actually writing this on my phone as I wait to clock in to work.

I had a off week the other week. I made no blog posts until the end of the week and it was about meditation. I felt like it was lousy, even though I do love meditation, I just wasn’t inspired.

That week I felt sad, mad, and nothing at the same time. It can be defeating. I had and still have no idea why I felt that way, but that’s fine.

One day I woke up and I felt better, sometimes I have to push myself to feel better. Some weeks will be hard and that’s expected.

I’m thankful for that off week because I came back better than ever. Sometimes we grow when we least expect it. I’ve been improving immensely but I feel like I have finally found my flow with work and school. Finally finding that flow inspired me to volunteer.

I always thought volunteering would be boring but that’s because in school, volunteering is selling tickets or standing in the freezing cold. I understand that it has a meaning and a purpose, but I didn’t want to be miserable doing it. I finally decided to push myself even further, work, school, and volunteering and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

I volunteered to work with dogs and hospice.

I’m so excited for this new journey to happen. Maybe it’s because I’m struggling with money that I wanted to do things that reminded me of what really matter in life, which isn’t money. I can make an impact without money. I can do great things without money. Knowing that is a very relieving feeling.

I want you to see if you can take your schedule a step further. Are you satisfied with life? Or Are you overwhelmed? Or maybe bored?

When we’re overwhelmed, we need to re-evaluate. What needs to be done, what will have a direct impact, what is minor and what is major.

When we’re bored or unsatisfied we should force ourself into new adventures. Maybe it’s painting with a twist, or maybe it’s volunteering. It could be taking walks at the park. Maybe it’s time to find new music. When I can’t find new music I start to feel bored.

Published by Elliana

I feel passionate about every thing I post. Mental health, puppies, the earth, and businesses with morals! I hope to be as real and open as I can be with you. My main goal is to spread positive vibes!

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