Self-Care Christmas Gifts 2019

This past Christmas was one of the best. The amount of self-care and cozy presents I got made me so excited. I wanted to share what I got to offer ideas for what you can get as a gift for yourself or get for someone else! I am in no way trying to brag, I just want to share these products that I love and I think you might love, too!

First, I got a weighted blanket. I always thought a weighted blanket would be suffocating and make me uncomfortable but I have heard they help with anxiety. So instead of buying one for myself, I asked for it for Christmas. My dad got it for me, and the only thing I need for it is a cover. I’ll link the one I got below, it’s not too heavy and even my boyfriend likes it. It’s light and it makes me feel all cozy and safe. It’s so comforting and I absolutely recommend it.

Another gift I received, but did not ask for, was Philosophy soap. It’s Sugar Plum Fairy and I am obsessed with it. My boyfriends mom got it for me. I use it as a body wash and I use it in baths. It makes great bubbles. I love soaps that smell great, they make me feel good and I love knowing I smell good. I actually got her one as well, but in a different scent. Philosophy soaps might be my new must have.

After I use the Philosophy soap, I use my goat milk body cream. It is simply amazing. I was gifted the vanilla scented body cream and it smells great as well as feels great. I love using it even more than I love the lip balm. It makes my skin feel better than any other lotion I have used. The smell isn’t too strong, either!

A gift that I could have never imagined is called The Comfy. It’s a giant, fuzzy hoodie that I can lounge around in. It’s big enough for me to curl up into and it is so comfy and warm. I love wearing it when I’m being lazy. I am always cold so rather than grabbing a hoodie and a blanket, I have a two in one! I love that I can stay warm as I walk around the house.

I also received a few face masks and bath bombs. I love putting on a face mask and slipping into the tub to relax with a book after I throw in a nice bath bomb and some lavender bath salts. I got some Lush bath bombs and some Bath and Body Work bath bombs. I prefer lush because it’s vegan/cruelty-free.

One of the most helpful gifts I got was a journal for mindfulness created by Breathe. I found a lot of their journals at Barnes and Nobel but I absolutely loved their Mindfulness journal and Self-Care journal. I would definitely recommend giving them a look. They’re not too pricey. I have used my journal every day since I got it! I also got a creative journal which is so fun! I think everyone can use the creative journal because it helps you find your creative side!

I got a ton of amazing and thoughtful gifts. Some I asked for but a lot of them were thought of and that meant so much to me. If you celebrated I hope it was an amazing one! Everyone have a safe New Years and I will talk to you on Thursday!


Weighted blanket:

Goat Milk body cream:

Sugar Plum Fairy Philosophy soap:|pcrid|313227086342|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|slid||product|7682672063430893046|pgrid|59112445821|ptaid|pla-296303633664|&mkwid=|pcrid|313227086342|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|slid||product|7682672063430893046|pgrid|59112445821|ptaid|pla-296303633664|&gclid=CjwKCAiAuqHwBRAQEiwAD-zr3chaD8AjUhp0UUwWiRQiOLC4N4oQgZUcVPiA5v58XjokpeZUP0tB-BoCPPAQAvD_BwE

The Comfy:|pcrid|313227086342|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|slid||product|7682672063430893046|pgrid|59112445821|ptaid|pla-296303633664|&mkwid=|pcrid|313227086342|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|slid||product|7682672063430893046|pgrid|59112445821|ptaid|pla-296303633664|&gclid=CjwKCAiAuqHwBRAQEiwAD-zr3chaD8AjUhp0UUwWiRQiOLC4N4oQgZUcVPiA5v58XjokpeZUP0tB-BoCPPAQAvD_BwE

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