Vision Boards

My 2019 Vision board that got a little messed up through-out the year.

I’ve done a few vision boards. The first one I have ever done was purely fitness and it wasn’t effective. It was actually just defeating that I didn’t look like any of those fit girls. Some days it motivated me but most days I didn’t look at it because it wasn’t effective, as I said before. So I finally decided last year to try again and I created what you see above. It had some of my goals, which you’ll see a lot of similar ones on my board this year. I said in my last blog post that I don’t feel like I grew as a person or accomplished much last year that I wanted to. I don’t mean that I wasn’t happy with who I was because overall I feel like I maintained a very positive attitude and I pushed myself school and work wise, but I want to accomplish more growth this year.

On this 2019 vision board you’ll see that I wanted to travel, I wanted to read more, and I wanted to save money. I have a few more things on there, for example, paddle-boarding was something I really wanted to do. That is one of the few things and possibly the only thing I ended up doing. I felt like I kept starting goals and not following through. This year, I’m already following through on a lot of goals, and I am so proud of myself. So I would love to show you my 2020 vision board and explain why I did it and what it means to me!

2020 Vision Board

The first thing you might notice is that there is a lot more on this board than my 2019 board. I had a lot of fun with this board but I also put a lot more thought into it than last year. I did some research to really see what is recommended that I put onto this board. I looked up habits I want to develop, things I want to try, things I want to do more of, and inspirational quotes that spoke to me. I found a lot of these on Google and Pinterest.

First, I typed down words onto a Microsoft Word document and made them different colors with different fonts so I could print them and cut them out. The words I chose were thought of carefully. This board took me a few days to complete. Then, I went by category, where are places I want to travel to, what are hobbies I want to get into, what are habits I want to enforce? Fitness was a big one once again for me this year. I want to practice yoga, which I now dedicate Saturdays to. I want to try understanding meditation by doing it more often and seeing how my body and mental state responds to it. A hobby that really intrigued me was gardening. I love planting flowers and I always think I want to start a fruit and vegetable garden, but that’s something my dad always did and I hate picking stuff when it gets extremely hot out. This past summer he didn’t have time to grow a vegetable garden, so I’m hoping this coming summer I can do a flower garden as well as a butterfly garden with a kit I bought at the end of last summer. But I also want to grow some fruits and veggies. I think it’ll be a lot cheaper for us to grow it instead of buying veggies and we love to share with our neighbors.

My vision board is set up directly above my desk so every time I come into my little office space I see it. It inspires me to try my best everyday. I think if you’re a visual person a vision board could be great for you! I had a lot of fun being creative. If you need inspiration I would recommend Pinterest! There are a lot of resources on how to make one. You should look at habits you want to develop, things you want to accomplish this year, inspirational quotes, and anything that allows you to be a little creative and make it look pretty!

If you have any questions just comment below and I would love to help!

See you soon,


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I feel passionate about every thing I post. Mental health, puppies, the earth, and businesses with morals! I hope to be as real and open as I can be with you. My main goal is to spread positive vibes!

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