Quarantine Activities

While this is such a scary time for us all, we can still make the best of staying home! I have come up with some fun ideas whether you’re home alone, with family, or home with kids!


Although, they’re hard to get now because most places are strictly delivering the necessities, you might have some stuff to make fun and cute crafts! Or maybe you have some old crafts or DIY activities you never finished. Well, now’s the time!

I’m making macrame wall decor and macrame bracelets! Another thing you can try is crocheting.

It’s time to rearrange!

I love rearranging my room. It’s so refreshing. My bedroom is one of the only rooms in our house that can be rearranged but if you have more rooms than go for it! Maybe you’ll see new ways you can decorate after you move stuff around!


This probably doesn’t sound desirable to most, but I love a good deep clean! I’ve been doing every room and every inch of it. I dust down walls and wipe them down. I get the baseboards. I’ve cleaned all the windows, too. I do the bathrooms and all. It’s so satisfying knowing I’m in a clean environment.

Butterfly Garden Seeds


Today, I actually pulled some weeds to get ready to plant some flowers. You can start growing some veggies from what you already have in your house! I plan on trying some.

I also have a packet of wild flowers for a butterfly garden that I plan on working on! If you have any ideas on what to grow, leave a comment to let me know! I have a few flower pots I want to fill.

Puzzles and Board Games:

We have monopoly, chess, and a 700 piece puzzle we still have to do! There are also virtual puzzles that you can do on your phone. You might also have some puzzle books around the house. I have some cross-word books I can work on. I really love adult coloring books, too. They take up time and the end piece is always pretty!

Learn a new skill!

I’m planning on teaching myself how to take better photos with my camera. I wanted to take photography in high school but they dropped the course my senior year. The good news is that there are so many videos and websites that show you how to take good pictures so while I have the time, that’s what I plan to do!


Learn some new recipes. I want to make some healthy desserts for us to enjoy while we watch movies. I was inspired by Rachel Hollis’ new Instagram post where she said she was making new desserts every night! We love sweets in my house hold, so it’ll be something fun to do while also using some baking stuff we have left over from Christmas cookies.

Self Care:

There are so many self-care activities you can do! It’s also a perfect time to start a new habit!

  1. Put on a face mask and take a bath
  2. Meditate
  3. Practice yoga
  4. Home workouts (I follow the Sculpt Squat, but there are so many workouts you can follow online!) I’ll post some Instagram pages below for home workouts!
  5. Read a fiction book
  6. Read a non-fiction book. My favorite are self growth books.
  7. Find new music!
  8. Listen to some podcasts. One I love right now is the Office Ladies!
  9. JOURNAL! It’s so important to journal, especially when we’re all cooped up inside. It’s normal for humans to start feeling lonely and depressed. Pinterest has some amazing journal prompts. I’ve been trying to find a positive in everyday and if I can, I’ll find more than one! It has been really helpful with stay positive in such a scary time.
  10. Get some sunshine! I walk my dogs but I have seen a lot more people walking this week.
  11. Watch some movies! Almost every night we watch a movie. I’m not a big movie person but this has actually been something I look forward to. I love when we can all sit down and laugh at the end of the day.
  12. Read new blogs! I always suggest Rachel Hollis and Kayln Nicholson.
  13. Limit your social media time. This has been a struggle for me. Sometimes it makes me laugh, but I have to limit platforms like Snapchat and Facebook because they either scare me or make me mad.
  14. Clean your phone album! I still need to do this. But I have SO many photos that I don’t even need or like!

With Kids:

  1. Clean but make it exciting! Maybe they get a sticker for helping with each task. If I express my gratitude to my niece for helping, she’ll keep helping me.
  2. Find a clothes basket and something like small plastic balls or blocks. Something that has different colors. Place a piece of tape on the ground and each color has a different point amount. Like green is 2 points, red is 3 points. See how many each of you can get into the basket!
  3. Build a fort. I love forts. I used to love sleeping in forts too. We would use string to hold things in place and get real crafty to make a bigger fort. Maybe get the old air mattress out for a living room sleep over!
  4. Make some fun snacks together! It’s good to teach them how to cook simple things but also just make a little bit of a mess!
  5. Play outside in the yard!
  6. Play grocery store. My niece has a toy shopping cart but when I was little I didn’t. My cousin and I would still grab grocery bags and go to the pantry for groceries. Then, we would pretend to pay. It was fun for us! When I play with my niece I’ll cut her up some fake money and use my phone as the scanner for the groceries. Then, she’ll “cook me some dinner.”
  7. Hide and seek. We would play this with my grandmother all the time. Some of my funniest memories come from my grandmother, my cousin, and I playing hide and seek in her small house! We would squeeze into the tightest spaces and jump out and scare each other.
  8. Make a home-made obstacle course.
  9. If you have it, bubbles and chalk can make for some good outside fun!

Most importantly, stay safe. I’ll be posting more to keep you occupied and keep myself occupied! Hey, maybe you should start a blog!

Stay safe and I’ll talk to you all soon!


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I feel passionate about every thing I post. Mental health, puppies, the earth, and businesses with morals! I hope to be as real and open as I can be with you. My main goal is to spread positive vibes!

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