My Skin Care Journey

I got my first pimple at some point in middle school. I just remember that by 7th grade I refused to tie my hair back because I had acne all along my jaw line to my ears. Not on my ears, just where I used to rest my face on my hand. My hair became my shield. It hid my acne. Middle school is pretty brutal so having acne wasn’t helping my confidence.

At some point in high school, maybe sophomore year, my mom took me to a dermatologist where the nurse looked at me and said “WhAT aCnE?” Maybe to her it wasn’t noticeable, but to me it was. She just so happened to fit me into her schedule during a time where my skin wasn’t flaring up. I don’t remember what the result of that appointment was, but we didn’t go back. My mom ended up taking me somewhere else where they were nice and helpful. Then, my skin got pretty clear, but it didn’t last. That would happen on and off, I get mostly clear skin, and then I have this ridiculous and painful breakout. Sometimes it lasts a few weeks, sometimes it lasts a few months. In college, I went to an all natural skin doctor, but I just couldn’t afford her. It was $100 a visit, not including skin products, and it was twice a month for the first few months. When I went back to the dermatologist that my mom took me to the second time, I couldn’t afford what they prescribed me, either. The products were well over $100, some even over $300. I didn’t pay it, I couldn’t.

Now I’ll admit I’m a stresser, I probably don’t drink enough water, and I definitely pick at my skin. But even when I am calm, like back in the summers when school was out, or I drink enough water, or I don’t pick at my skin or touch my face, I’ll still get a pretty awful breakout. Now, we ARE human, right? Life is stressful and sometimes we drink more coffee than we do water (guilty). BUT my skin doesn’t break out right before or right after my period. My skin doesn’t get better when classes end and I’m not as stressed. My skin is just a roller coaster. I can’t even pinpoint what the cause is.

I recently tried to cut out most gluten and I already don’t consume a ton of dairy, but I really haven’t noticed a difference. Maybe I just don’t pay close enough attention to when my skin breaks out and what the possible cause is. On top of not being able to pinpoint a cause, I can’t even list off half of the skin products I have tried because there’s just too many to remember. No one worked better than the other. Although, some were most definitely more budget friendly than the others.

I was faced with the only option left: Learn to love the skin that protects you.

The left is with some edits on the lighting to show you what my breakouts look like closer up. The right side of the collage is not edited.

Before you wonder – the white spots under my nose is my pimple cream from Tula. Anyways, the pictures above are from yesterday. I recently deleted a ton of old skin photos that show some pretty bad breakouts, so unfortunately I can’t share those. I do want to point out that you can’t see the acne nearly as clear in the photos as you would if we were face to face. I even put a filter on the darker photos on the left that show indents and light differences on my face so you can see where my pimples and black heads are. I actually feel pretty good in this skin, but this is a small breakout for me. A good skin day for me is some red spots and a few pimples, but I woke up with about 10 small pimples yesterday. Disclaimer: I get pimples on my chest, back, shoulders, and sometimes on my arms and legs.

The other side of my face.

It’s always possible that our life style has a negative affect on our skin and I’m sure that’s the case for many of us. But sometimes I stress about my skin so much that it causes breakouts. Sometimes, no matter what you do, how clean you eat, how zen you are, you might still have pimples.

Unfortunately, there are rude people in this world. Just ask the girls that sat at my math table in my sophomore year of high school what they think about guys with acne. “Oh mY GoSH iT’s SO gRoSS.” The GOOD news is that not all of us are as ignorant and naive as those girls. It’s time to love the skin that protects you. It’s time to live your life around what makes you happy, not around what your skin is doing. If you want to wear that shirt but it shows your chest acne, I say wear it. If you wants to wear makeup, wear it. If you don’t, don’t. Live your life in a way that makes you feel good. You are more than your breakouts!

If you are curious, I’m currently using Tula products. I actually like them, but I wouldn’t say they are budget friendly, although, they are lasting me the whole month so far! If you want to try them, they’re vegan, and they work well for me. The trick with the pimple cream is to not scrape it off. Sometimes it looks like dry skin and I want to scratch at it but the cream is drying and sometimes gets flaky. It’s also best to put on at night or if you’re staying home because it’ll sit on my skin if I put it on a little too thick. Then i have questionable white spots on my face – yikes. So far Tula is helping my skin maintain and it helps get rid of pimples pretty quickly but I wouldn’t say it has healed my skin!

If you have recommendations drop them in the comments!

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